A2P consulting necessitates optimizing your utilization of Application-to-Person (A2P) for meeting marketing campaign goals. Our company meets all criteria needed to realize the purposes as framed in your marketing plans.

The A2P method refers to the use of technology to deliver one-time messages from senders to recipients. It stems from the old messaging platform, Short Message Service (SMS). What differs from the A2P platform lies in the main usage of the technology.

For a business with a cost-effective scheme

A lot of corporates use the A2P technology to create a complete and rich communication journey with subscribers. In this A2P consulting scheme, you can work with us on typical message contents mostly proper for reaching out to the recipients in compliance with your business cores.

Thanks to the A2P technology, we can send your bulk number of business texts to many recipients regardless of their current locations. The messages encompass various business-related contents. We can suggest which messages will attract their attention.

We have been working with numerous clients in the country and overseas thereby our “content bank” is quite comprehensive. We can divide the business-related messages into several categories.

First, they are about welcoming messages. For example, you can create welcoming remarks for thanking them for subscribing to your communication service. The second is messages about product or service promotion. The third one can be about reminders which although they seem small but can bring profound effects. The recipients may feel your company pays attention to their small affairs. The fourth is for loyal subscribers. Typical messages for the last group are offering them a long-term subscription program with cool prizes or rewards.

How to reach us

In addition to the content ideas, you can do A2P consulting with us on the budget scheme. We fully realize that each and every client has different business purposes that definitely impact their budget on the A2P system.

Simply contact us here for details which goals you’ll about to reach and we can offer attractive expenses that deal with them the most. Our range of service is quite unique as we pay close attention to every customer like yours because your business is as special and so our service will be.

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