Launching our business firstly in 2011, persistence in IT innovation and business development has led PT Triple One Global to where it currently stands today. As one of the fastest-growing companies in Indonesia in ICT sector, the firm has been striving to keep up with the latest innovations in the field for constantly improving our services for the clients.

We reinforce our strong position in SMS, platform, and content provision businesses with clients from Indonesia and overseas. With more than 276.4 million of population, Indonesia offers vast opportunities for reaching target consumers across business sectors.

According to, 212.9 million Indonesians use Internet as of January 2023. On the other hand, the mobile connection exceeds 353.8 million per that period. To facilitate our clients’ needs, we partner with the country’s top telecommunication providers; TELKOMSEL, XL, INDOSAT, and SMARTFREN.

Our business is mainly divided into three sub-sections. The first is Application-to-Person (A2P) that enables companies reaching out potential customers massively at once. We offer One Time Password SMS (SMS OTP), WhatsApp OTP, and Banking Login Security.

The second section is mobile platforms that are designed for our clients with marketing and customer service needs. We have DTSK platform and omnichannel chat platform that are secure, smart, and user-friendly.

Still top our service is content provision. In fact, our company takes pride as a content provider that fulfils various content types for our clients, from job vacancy to entertainment news. We reach users via SMS hence they can still receive information regardless of the slow Internet connection.

As the application world is getting more popular, we provide mobile applications to extend our market to younger generations. Music projects are added into our long list of service. From RBT to full tracks, users can find their days exciting and joyful with our selected music collections.

To provide quicker and better business services, we open subsidiaries in Singapore (Triple One Global Pte. Ltd), US (Triple One Global LLC), and Vietnam (Monster Tech Vietnam). As IT knows no boundaries, we, too, believe that our business will expand as vast as it’s possible with our clients’ satisfactions at the top of our mind.