Our company, PT Triple One Global, has been providing trusted and reliable A2P solutions for a lot of clients in Indonesia and overseas. This article is highlighting why the A2P technology accommodates your business goals and our firm is the right partner for that.

As the name suggests, A2P solutions refer to solutions provided by the Application-to-Person platform. The method works one-way that requires no replies from the recipients. A2P stems from Short Message Service (SMS) that retains its reputation as a popular messaging tool.

Benefits of A2P solutions

The A2P method involves an application, usually web, that will deliver messages from the senders to the subscribers. The technology is mostly used by corporations to reach out to their recipients.

The first advantage of this method refers to the quickness of the service. You can send a bulk of SMS to many recipients at once. Regardless of their residences, the messages can land on their respective cellular phones simultaneously.

For companies, the attribute will assist in their efforts for spreading the messages, which of course, relate to their business stages. Companies may send messages about product or service promotion, loyalty programs, or simply the latest transactions.

The second benefit has been just mentioned a little bit. That refers to the many recipients of the messages. The exposure is higher thanks to the ability of the service delivery regardless of the mobile phone types. The messages also require no Internet connection. Provided that a telco network is available, companies can deliver the messages.

The third relates to the budget which can be customized with companies’ goals. This also drives our company to wish to assist our clients regarding the service. We can arrange on the budget thereby it will meet your marketing campaigns. We take into account this factor because we hope A2P solutions will create complete and various customer experiences.

This refers to a set of diverse business texts that will accompany your customers’ journeys. From beginning to long-time buyers, each of them deserves equal attention from your company through simple yet meaningful means as SMS.

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