MMS Vs SMS refers to Multimedia Messaging Service Versus Short Message Service, respectively. We’re going to dive deeper into the theme by always keeping in mind the term abbreviation.

SMS comes much sooner than MMS. It remains popular today despite the growth of free Over the Top chatting applications, such as WeChat, WhatsApp, and LINE. While MMS is the derivative of SMS. It allows the sending of multimedia contents, such as videos, GIFs, and images.

From technical aspect to the price factor

The first aspect in this MMS Vs SMS theme refers to the technical aspect. As SMS sends texts limited to 160 characters, the protocol works pretty traditionally and simpler. It brings intended texts passing through the base station to another and different switches and servers.

On the other hand, MMS utilizes a more complex protocol to deliver media. It uses TCP/IP technology to encode and decode the message from the sender to the recipient. The technology helps MMS to carry media files embedded in the message and has more limit of characters. After that, MMS will provide options for the recipient to either download the media or not. When yes, the TCP/IP technology operates over the Internet thereby the sender uploads the content that is later downloaded by the recipient. This serves as the big significant factor that differentiates MMS and SMS.

The second factor in MMS Vs SMS is MMS has much wider space than SMS. An MMS can last up to 1,600, 10 times than one SMS. In addition, an MMS can contain various attractive media, from photo to video. Henceforth, MMS is considered more engaging and eye-catching for the recipients. This is in contrast with an SMS that allows for texts only, including hyperlinks on your website address, for example. With 160 characters, you’ll need to compose concise and call-to-action messages. The messages will be split into more than one SMS if it contains more than 160 characters.

There’s a price to pay for the attractiveness of MMS, though. And that leads to the last point within this MMS Vs SMS article. The rich content within an MMS requires more budget while an SMS costs much cheaper. Therefore, you need to match between marketing purpose and type of marketing communication.

An SMS is preferable if your company needs to deliver business texts to a large group of people. Simply deliver SMS via Application to Person (A2P) platform for reaching them across their customer journey’s stages. The effort saves money and yields a high open-rate percentage.

While MMS is indeed more appropriate for attracting audiences but is more expensive. Moreover, not all cellular phone types can view an MMS. Those with smartphones or tablets have higher chances to experience the interesting content at their fingertips.

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