Our company, PT Triple One Global (TOG), is a leading A2P company in Indonesia that widens its services for international clients. The core of our business takes advantage of the platform’s growing roles to enrich customer and brand communication.

As the name suggests, A2P Company means a firm that works on an Application-to-Person platform. It centers on delivering one-way business texts (SMS) from websites to recipients. The use of SMS itself remains popular and in fact, becomes more diverse as the tool for creating a rich customer experience through their mobile phones.

Enhancing the communication quantity and quality

By using our service, SMS becomes much richer and meaningful. As marketers or brand owners, you can create diverse types of SMS then send them to customers depending on their buying journey steps.

On the other hand, you can customize the budget for SMS marketing by consulting with us. Given the attribute of SMS, you can deliver a bulk number of SMS in real-time. They can reach a lot of recipients regardless of their current residences.

Delivering one-time or several times SMS despite the quality contents is not enough. Stuck in the same old and usual SMS content despite sending it a million times will not help much to instill your brand into their minds.

The availability of the A2P platform with our first-rate service will facilitate the two goals.

Driving business growth

As you can engage in a deeper relationship with customers, it will only be a matter of time that your business grows on its own. This particularly will happen when they turn into your loyal ones.

It’s worthy to note here that driving business growth doesn’t merely refer to increasing sales and ultimately, profit. Moreover, the long-term advantage will come from the product research and evaluation that will be contributed by your customers.

Therefore, it’s not just a one-time commitment but also a  business relationship ahead of you. The A2P platform lays the foundation of your business today and the years forward.

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