What SMS message contributes to the growth of a business depends on two elements; technical and practical ones. This article is peeling off the factors that will hopefully increase your understanding of the role of the communication tool.

As the name suggests, Short Message Service (SMS) facilitates the delivery of brief texts up to 160 characters. The messages are exchanged between mobile devices, telephone, internet by previously undergoing specific protocols.

The technical aspect

For the first aspect, let’s dig deeper into how SMS works. The first phase is translating your message into data and sending it across a web of interconnected carrier networks. This happens after you click the “send” button from a mobile phone, app, or other devices.

After that, the message will travel across some paths to reach the targeted recipients. Upon delivery, the data is turned into a message and is sent to the device. What needs to be taken into consideration is that each SMS is limited to 160 characters only. Given the attribute, brand owners and marketers have to be clever in SMS composing.

At the same time, the SMS is sent so quickly within a few seconds to a bulk of recipients. That opens up chances for reaching out to as many recipients as possible. The brand owners or marketers need to first collect the contacts to ensure the contents are read by a lot of targeted recipients.

The economical aspect

The second aspect within this what SMS message means refers to the follow-up steps after fully understanding the workflow of SMS. As was briefly mentioned above, the brand owners or the marketers need to formulate strategies to optimize SMS.

Let’s discuss it one by one. The first point refers to the 160 characters. To maximize the attribute, firstly determine which goals your company wishes to attain. Will the SMS promote certain products or services? Will the SMS inform the latest transaction? Will the SMS offer a lifetime customer program?

Once the element is wrapped, select words that meet attention-grabbing and call-to-action points. You can include a link that will lead to your company’s website for further information.

The second point refers to the possible reach to a lot of contacts. This urges the brand owners and marketers to come up with as many potential recipients as possible. The more, the higher chance the marketing campaign meets the target.

The ability to materialize the elements will result in increased sales and eventually profits. As we mostly know, a good customer relationship holds the key to business expansion and sustainability. It’s through SMS that the connection between companies and customers will be kept in good balance.

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