The definition of SMS meaning serves as the gateway for utilizing the old communication tool. It works best to meet personal and business goals prior to negotiable costs with reliable A2P service providers.

SMS meaning refers to the explanation about the term and a little bit about how it works. SMS stands for Short Messaging Service that contains 160 characters at the maximum for conveying certain business messages.

It’s one of the oldest communications tools that target mobile owners. It involves quite sophisticated technology before reaching out to subscribers. SMS technology utilizes a protocol for delivering brief messages over wireless networks. It takes three basic network technologies; Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM), Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA), and Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA), for creating a general service.

Other important elements added to SMS meaning

It was Friedhelm Hillebrand who initiated the maximum character of 160 for every SMS. Prior to that, he observed and tried the typical number of characters in the average sentence. He added that with a compromise on the available bandwidth at that time.

For a business marketer or brand owner, optimizing 160 characters can be quite tricky and challenging. They need to compose SMS that attracts the attention of the recipients and suffices for doing certain actions.

They need to materialize the business goals within the limited space. The business goals can take in forms of product or service promotion, loyalty program, and latest transaction.

Recently, the SMS industry has been colored by the flourishing Application-to-Person (A2P) technology. It’s a one-way communication tool that requires no responses from the recipients. Business owners can deliver a bulk of business SMS for a lot of recipients regardless of where they live.

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