A2P protocol refers to a set of regulation systems to enable connection, communication, and shift of SMS between two computers or more. The concept helps to facilitate good and smooth communication between the sender and the recipient.

In terms of Application-to-Person (A2P), the A2P protocol contains the mechanism for carrying business texts from brands or business owners to subscribers. The qualified system will determine how successful or not your business texts later.

Brief Explanation on the A2P Protocol

Generally, the protocol involves technical aspects, such as client database, mobile number, Application Programming Interface (API), web interface, and Mobile Network Operator (MNO).

The stages of the protocol typically run as follows. Client database and mobile number will be sent to the Client Connectivity segment. This covers API, SMPP, and Web Interface. The next stage is HTTP XML that handles message content and mobile numbers and connects them to the A2P provider’s platform. The provider then examines which route will best deliver the message. It later forwards it to the Mobile Network Operator before ending at end-users.

How A2P Method Helps Your Business

The A2P method utilizes an application, usually web-based, to send messages to a mobile user. It acts as a one-way delivery technique that requires no replies from the recipients. It is often said as the Enterprise Messaging Solution.

Brands or business owners include the A2P solution as part of their marketing campaigns. As most of today’s customers use cellular phones, the A2P method accommodates for marketers to reach their customers instantly.

Moreover, the A2P solution allows for sending a bulk of SMS thereby saves operating expenses as compared to Person-to-Person Messaging. The business texts can deliver messages on customer service tools, activation and authentication mechanisms, and product or service promotion.

For example, banking transactions, travel updates, product or service discounts, financial confirmations, and loyalty programs.

The attributes of the A2P method allow for quick delivery while the subscribers conduct their activities. SMS remains the top choice for marketing campaigns because it has a high open-rate level. Moreover, an SMS brings comfort for the recipients because it contains important points given the 160-character limitation.

Brand or business owners can customize their SMS to create a personal and complete customer journey. This is made possible with the cost of the A2P platform that can be adjusted with the marketing budget.

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