How does A2P messaging work? The question seems inevitable for laymen who firstly hear Application-to-Person (A2P) from the industry practitioner and user like you. The article is explaining briefly the system that will make sense for most people.

By definition, A2P SMS stands for Application-to-Person Short Message Service. It is also called a commercial or business text platform. It’s a one-way communication channel that delivers SMS from a software program. Brands, organizations, companies select the platform for engaging their subscribers via the automated software prior to compliance with rules or conditions.

Quick guideline on how does A2P messaging work

The system of A2P messaging begins with the Short Message Peer-to-Peer Protocol (SMPP) which functions to relay communications between two entities. The SMPP regulates the interaction of the entities for either sending or receiving messages. In addition, it handles the package of the messages.

One entity will start an SMPP session using the SMPP to decide where it is delivering the message. Afterward, a Short Message Service Centre (SMSC) takes or declines the message then forwards it to the other entity.

The A2P messaging also requires Internet of Things (IoT) devices that can be linked to wireless networks, just like cell phones. These IoT devices determine how the A2P messaging will connect messages to end-users. Most of today’s well-known IoT applications utilize cellular connectivity. They further utilize a software application by which they can communicate like an SMS.

In the A2P work scheme, the SMSC works like a mediator because it decides what their interactions will look like then transmit messages. While the application functions as the extra mediator that brings messages to and from the SMS in the name of the IoT devices.

Samples of the A2P messages

You can deploy the A2P messaging for sending password reset, two-step authentication, and product promotions, to name a few. The platform suits best for enriching internal communication and diversifying outbound marketing channels. The A2P technology with IoT suffices for improving tasks, such as abnormal water usage detection in a smart water meter system.

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