Although differs for just one letter, SMS Vs MMS contains at least three big differences. Both serve as the communication means that deliver messages via cellular phones.

SMS and MMS are the implementations of the big umbrella, text messages. SMS emerges much earlier than MMS. It was first created in the 1980s and becomes one of the oldest texting technologies. It remains popular in use although Over the Top (OTT) applications are flourishing, like WhatsApp and LINE.

Type of messages

As the name suggests, SMS allows for texts only. While MMS accommodates texts, pictures, GIFs, audios, and even videos. Furthermore, an SMS opens for 160 characters only. As senders, you’ll need to create effective messages within that limited number of characters.

This particularly goes for those of you who will apply SMS for business marketing. As marketers or business owners, this SMS method opens for bulk SMS delivery. Each SMS marketing needs to be attractive and persuasive. You need to include the goals within one single SMS otherwise recipients will feel hesitant to read two SMS for the same message.

MMS stands for Multimedia Messaging Service which speaks a lot on the types of messages themselves. You can send pictures, texts, and videos with up to 1,600 characters. The attribute accommodates for more interesting and rich content in each of the MMS.

Price of messages

The second point on SMS Vs MMS is about the price. You can easily predict that the price of each SMS is much cheaper than that of every MMS. SMS utilizes simpler technology whilst MMS requires a more sophisticated one.

Therefore, deploying the SMS method is more recommended when you will reach a large number of subscribers. With a reasonable budget, you can expose your promotion to a wider network. This will consume a much bigger budget when you prefer MMS.

MMS method attracts more attention at once with eye-catching photos or videos. But this costs more than one SMS because the MMS method requires more complex tools. At the same time, MMS is open for 1,600 at the maximum, another factor to make it more expensive.

The cellular phone category

It’s worthy to include types of cellular phones in this SMS Vs MMS article here. The last factor determines how your message will be exposed to either a wide or small circle of recipients.

An SMS doesn’t require an Internet connection. This, alone, makes the method effective to engage a wide range of audiences. A simple cellular phone suffices for receiving SMS. The two benefits will accommodate the delivery to even people living in remote areas.

On the other hand, not all cellular phone types are able to receive MMS.  As the upgrade version of SMS, MMS requires the would-be recipients to have an MMS plan on their respective cellular phones. Consequently, the number of recipients may not be as big as those who can receive an SMS.

Those are the striking differences in this SMS Vs MMS article. If you need more information on SMS marketing, contact us by clicking this page.

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