Bulk SMS messaging is another name of Application-to-Person SMS (A2P) messaging. The term refers to sending SMS to a large number of recipients via cellular phones. A2P messaging accommodates various business goals in today’s unprecedented digital-driven customer behaviours.

As the customers become more dynamic, business players need to formulate communication strategies to accompany their subscribers’ journeys. As such, bulk SMS messaging will perform various roles under the customer relationship management task. Companies may use the platform for simply sending immediate SMS, such as one-time passwords and delivery notifications.

Another example is using bulk SMS messaging as an interactive messaging tool. In this regard, firms may utilize the tool for delivering group messaging services. And the third role refers to delivering incoming number services as seen in mobile marketing campaigns, voting or information lines.

Glancing at the Technical Aspect

Bulk SMS messaging enables users to deploy one or more solutions to deliver and take SMS. They are mobile phone applications, a software programme, a web interface, and integrating an SMS API with their website or system. They hold the key role for sending SMS messages to all cellular holders all over the world.

The role comes into play as it works with service providers’ SMS gateway. The SMS gateway bridges mobile network companies and wireless application service providers. The SMS gateway enables SMS traffic to be dispersed to Short Message Service Centre (SMSC) through a direct connection of a mobile network operator. Next, SMS traffic is sent to a subscriber’s phone contact.

Bulk SMS messaging will assist all business sectors at all scales. If your business just launches the service, you can select the strategy for reaching out to customers for brand promotion. Medium-scale enterprises can use the strategy for informing on the latest promotions and discounts. Whilst big firms can use the method for rewarding loyal buyers by sending long-term purchasing schemes with special discounts.

A2P messaging will assist a business in all sectors. For the banking industry, it will deliver banking alerts on the latest transaction or current banking account credit. In the tourism sector, A2P messaging will be immensely useful for sending flight reminders and train schedules.

To sum it up all, A2P messaging matches with today’s customer behaviours who wish for personalized and quick information from companies. If you need one that meets the goal, kindly check our Contact page.

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