Three elements will make up the SMS industry trend for 2021 as more people are connected to mobile phones partly due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Gaining insights from as many sources as possible will navigate how your companies take the most appropriate measures.

The three aspects are consumer behaviour, digital changed landscape and mobile advertising dynamics. We’re breaking down each of the elements to the best of our observations, particularly as happening in Indonesia.

Consumer Behaviour

Consumer behaviour will become the most critical point for marketing research. This stems from the high number of brands vying for their attention. Consumers will face abundant choices, from sales to promotions. The fact needs to be properly addressed by companies or organizations.

Brands will need to deploy an SMS marketing campaign for more diverse goals. SMS industry will grow bigger as companies will use SMS mostly for customer communication. It’s true that free chatting apps, such as WhatsApp and Telegram, have changed the way we communicate. This what drives Person-to-Person SMS or P2P SMS loses its charm.

But SMS retains its superiority on a high open-rate level. It requires no internet connection and sophisticated smartphone model. SMS maintains the “modesty” for engaging with customers. It won’t bombard customers’ activities with chats on product promo. With 160 characters at most, brands need to simplify the content.

For companies, Application to Person SMS or A2P SMS will serve as the best option. The method providers lower budget scheme and work in a real-time basis. The strategy will work for all industry sectors, such as financial and hospitality.

Digital Changed Landscape

SMS industry for next year will be greatly influenced by the digital landscape. The ever-growing technology for communication will automatically change how a business does the job.

For sure, technology in communication will become faster. This will manifest into customer behaviour as previously stated. Regardless of what new apps and tools in 2021, what needs to occupy your minds lie on how this will impact your business.

Consumer attention span will get lessen. Business marketing will need to be more creative and powerful. Marketing communication will take a bigger portion of your overall business plan.

Due to those facts, your brands will need to seek A2P service providers that focus on both technology research and customer service excellence. Providing leading A2P service along with the non-stop service will top your mind when seeking one.

Mobile Advertising Dynamics

In relation to point 1 and 2, the SMS industry will be more depended on the dynamics of mobile advertising. As consumer behaviour will demand more attention, advertising climate will be more diverse.

This will result in much richer content of each business text. And of course, by essence, consumers will love reading it. The use of more personalized greeting and more straight-forwarded language will influence the SMS creation. In addition to the supports of reliable A2P providers, you’ll need to cultivate the skills in making attractive content.

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