Bulk SMS advertising is a company’s best companion to attain business goals depending on the season. From entry to top levels, all companies experience business cycles that share similar traits from one to the other.

Bulk SMS advertising centers the term on Short Message Service from which SMS stands for. It becomes a unique concept that surprises many business players for its long-standing popularity.

Within 160 characters in one business text, you can convey a lot of business voices. Whether or not your business at the top, bulk SMS advertising remains necessary. The attribute of the bulk SMS advertising refers to reaching a huge number of recipients at once regardless of their current locations

The Use of SMS Marketing for All Business Goals

The entry phase

SMS marketing is best used to expose your brand when your business is about to kick off. Before anything else, inform potential subscribers that your brand is unique and necessary amid existing players.

As your brand is properly launched, use SMS advertising for promoting your products or services. Manipulative tactic remains a common tactic to quickly grab one’s attention. For example, providing discounts, special offers, and lucky gifts for first-time buyers.

The medium phase

At this level, your business will have loyal customers. It’s wrong to say that applying SMS bulk advertising needs to stop. As a matter of fact, the method can help you to weave a long-term relationship with existing customers.

Don’t underestimate the power of faithful clients. They may be small in number but they can be your true, free-of-charge agents. They can apply “mouth advertising” that stands against the time. From their positive impressions of your products, they can bring in new customers from their inner circles.

SMS marketing campaign plays double jobs, here. When properly used, it can help you keep loyal customers closer. At the same time, you can net new ones. Typical content for this SMS includes opening new stores, special discounts for members, offering member cards, and welcome messages for new customers.

The top-level

Your company can utilize SMS advertising for reinforcing your brand and engaging with customers. Simple messages, like the latest purchase information, can go further. That will implant, hopefully, long-lasting positive impressions on the recipients. They will believe your brand resonates with their wishes. Another type of content will be spreading your product portfolio. A sort of thank you note to accompany the portfolio will speak volumes.

Just like SMS as the best friend as previously mentioned, so is our company, PT Triple One Global. Our expertise and in-depth business approach will equip us to serve top quality for your business across the seasons.

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