Short Message Service (SMS) stands solid in a sea of marketing tool innovations. It remains popular and helpful for various business goals. SMS advertising sample serves as one of the ways to present the practical usage of it.

SMS is for all as long as the telecommunication signal is available. It can reach people across the globe regardless of their phone type, their residence, and the technology of their phone.

Dedicating a certain amount of time to SMS advertising samples is worthy enough. This is due to the fact that 98% of text messages are read, 90% of them are within just the first three minutes.

Examples of SMS Advertising Campaigns

  1. Welcome message

SMS marketing campaign carries personalized attribute that makes the tool respectful in the eyes of many recipients. Thus, it’s imperative to include a welcome message to greet subscribers.

Words, such as “Thanks for signing up for updates”, are read as simple but heart-warming. In that welcome SMS, include information, like frequency of the content delivery and ways to unsubscribe. The last point will be call-to-action wording, such as the text “YES” to 0302888999.

  1. Sales and promotions

It’s inevitable that the SMS marketing campaign suits the very best for promotion. Use short and clear words, like “Get 25% OFF for all items TODAY only.” For the second SMS advertising sample, you can add pictures, promo code, or link to your business website.

  1. Event invitations

SMS marketing campaign fits for all business types. You can depend on it to support event-based businesses. The wording for the point is like “Join us for a live conference on 15/Oct at 3 pm.”

  1. Policy updates

Interestingly, SMS serves as a good tool to weave a long-term relationship between companies and customers. For example, you can utilize it for informing policy changes.

Dear customer, we have added more rules. Kindly check here.”

  1. Lifestyle and community

“Make this year counts. Your actions will get you there.”

The above SMS advertising sample works well for marketing industry influences with a wide reach. The messages seem simple but work magically for nurturing relationships with recipients.

6.    Booking confirmations

The point works double. Sending the notifications convey how much you care about the recipients. It instantly informs them of the latest purchase they make, too. The nature of SMS makes it easy to land on their minds. This works better than sending marketing emails that are easily ignored.

Wording for the purpose is “You’re in! Catch you later on 15/10/2020 at 7:00 pm.”

  1. Appointment reminders

Again, looks simple but powerful. For example, “Your appointment is the day after tomorrow, 15/10/2020, at 4:00 pm.” You can change the content depending on your business.

  1. Billing reminders

This one is probably suitable for business players in finance, insurance, and sectors related to banking. Use the following words as examples. “Your balance of US$150 will be paid by cash on 30/10/2020.”

  1. Security code

The ninth SMS advertising sample is abundant in today’s e-commerce trend. You can use the tool for asking for confirmation from subscribers. What’s more importantly the method can secure authentication. For instance, “Use this code 7643 for confirmation. It expires in 5 minutes.”

  1. Internal company updates

SMS can also be used for internal usages. For example, you can send a notification to employees. For example, “Dear all, please be aware of electricity disruption today due to technical matters.”

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