Advertising by SMS remains a great tool for expanding your business regardless of the type. Within Short Message Service/SMS, there contains massive benefits that make the platform still beneficial and popular in today’s marketing efforts.

Advertising by SMS means using 160 characters to convey diverse purposes depending on your business goal at a given time. The heart of it all is connecting with recipients, in which the article is going to focus on existing ones.

By technology, advertising by SMS refers to sending a huge amount of business texts at once. The message will reach would-be recipients regardless of their current locations as long as telco signals are available.

You can utilize bulk SMS for a lot of activities. For example, you can deploy it for changing views into sales, asking for customer feedback, adding interaction rates, and promoting products or services.

Why SMS Advertising Is Effective

SMS marketing campaign still tops marketing’s list of choice given its superhigh open-rate percentage. Statistic from Innovista Law’s April 2018 TCPA Survival Guide discovered the following:

  • 99% of text messages are clicked
  • 90% of messages are read within 3 minutes
  • The recipients respond to 40% of text messages in 15 minutes

The average percentage guarantees SMS performance that works faster than email marketing. The latter has a 20% open-rate view and a much lower response percentage.

There are two ways for utilizing the platform. You can work with SMS service providers, like our company, PT Triple One Global, to reach a huge number of subscribers. The other option is communicating one-on-one with customers.

An SMS platform helps you to take benefit from advertising by SMS. You can choose between a toll-free number, shortcodes, existing landline, VoIP, or toll-free number. In addition to the read percentage, SMS allows for sending texts within a few seconds. The content can be read by massive recipients at once thanks to the advanced technology. Speed, effectiveness, and directness are three attributes that make SMS stands out among other marketing campaign methods.

Text Advertisement Best Practices

Here are some samples for using SMS:

  1. For increasing online sales

E-commerce is very common nowadays. Big or small enterprises turn to e-commerce to add sales. Example for this purpose:

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  1. For selling event tickets

Make it easy for people to buy event tickets through SMS.

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  1. For announcing new products

Informing new products or services will quickly engage existing customers.

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