A2P marketing means applying application-to-person messaging for marketing campaign purposes. The term catches many of today’s business leaders given the value projection that may reach US$60.55 billion by 2025.

A2P marketing is such a breakthrough for all business types. It can replace digital marketing channels, such as email automation, search engine optimization, and social media. It is due to the fact that A2P messaging carries at least four excellencies that differ from the others. This derives from the nature of A2P messaging that doesn’t require the recipient to reply.

Making appointment texts more concise

Marketers or business owners can select A2P messaging to send personalized and detailed appointment reminders to clients. The content can include the time of the appointment and type of the appointment.

It’s personal and direct and obviously, straight-forward. A2P marketing system allows for sending the appointment reminder in just mere seconds. The important information lands at the recipients’ smartphones immediately.

Having more open-rate possibility than email

Email marketing allows senders to send comprehensive content. This advantage, somehow, is offset by a low open-rate percentage. A lot of email marketing ends up in Trash or spam folders.

SMS messages, on the other hand, has a high open-rate percentage. Today’s people still want to open an SMS. According to research by Text Marketer, email wins in terms of volume. Every year, 74 trillion emails are sent every year as compared to 8 trillion texts. However, the email open rate is around 20% as compared to 98% for SMS.

In addition, an SMS doesn’t necessarily require a smartphone. It can land at cellular phones regardless of the type. All it takes is a telecommunication signal.

Showcasing a quick text delivery system

A2P system enables fast message delivery. Research by MobileSQARED shows that 90 percent of recipients can read the texts in the first three minutes. Emails or even regular mail takes more time to reach people.

The challenge lies in how to create a short but powerful call-to-action text for using A2P system. With only 160 characters, you’ll need to formulate on that hits the point of the message right away.

Trimming marketing expenses

A2P marketing is a good investment tool in terms of the marketing sector. It weaves a solid customer engagement and spurs business growth. It’s relatively cheap but cost-effective at the same time.

Negotiate with A2P service providers to come up with the best schemes that will benefit both parties. Should you need one, kindly contact our company, PT Triple One Global, that has advanced technology and strong partnership with Indonesia’s operators.

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