The definition of what is SMS advertising carries multiple concepts that can breed potential benefits for all types of business today. Despite looking so old school, SMS advertising never loses its charms.

Short Message Service (SMS) marketing derives from a quick communication method that takes benefit from technology. As technology evolves, SMS advertising makes a fast adjustment. This what makes SMS marketing remains relevant and popular despite abundant choices on free chatting applications.

Applying what is SMS promotion correctly will lead us to make use of it effectively. SMS marketing means promoting products, services, or events via 160 characters to a mobile phone user. We can make use of the platform for various purposes, from brand introduction to simple reminders. As such, you can expect to gain potential customers and retain existing trusts.

Fundamental Elements Behind What Is SMS Advertising

There are fundamental aspects of SMS advertising that needs to be taken into account.  We need to ask for recipients’ permits before we deliver texts. Make sure they know what will they receive from you. This represents business ethics that can make a difference.

After you fulfill the basic rules, make concise but powerful call-to-action marketing texts. The contents can include product updates, new releases, and essential information. This suits the recipients who express their interests in your business.

Another ethics relates to the frequency of delivery and time setting. If your business reaches out to global audiences, set delivery schedules that match with their business hours. The strategy indicates your respect for their time. At the same time, the method opens a higher chance for open-rate percentage.

Avoid sending too frequent marketing texts. Ideally, you can send one message per week. The number can be added if your company attends special events or holds extravagant campaigns.

Sample for SMS Promotion

A special tip goes for businessmen who run food and drink-based industries. It’s recommended to convey marketing texts for recipients before dinner or lunchtime. This sort of time-sensitive delivery will contribute to a higher chance of greater sales. The recipients will quickly act on your call-to-action campaigns.

Despite the name “text” closely attached to it, SMS advertising requires an endless cycle of content creativity and improved technology. Include words or statements that ignite their curiosity through funny yet effective words. With just 160 characters, ensure the campaigns contain persuasive words. You can use words, for example, “promo”, “discount”, “off”, “soon” and “now”.

Partner with SMS content providers that enable you to insert clips, photos, or web links to support the marketing campaign. Our company, PT Triple One Global, can be your choice to materialize promotion efforts through SMS.

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