SMS advertising samples share the same features with SMS marketing campaign texts. They serve as strategic methods that remain effective and personalized to engage with customers despite abundant free chat apps.

There are no fixed formulas to create the best SMS advertising sample. However, you can pay attention to fundamental elements of the text. One SMS advertising sample needs to contain the following elements. It has call-to-action triggers, the sender’s ID, name, and contact number. Attaching the sender’s website is recommended.

Create a sense of urgency so that recipients will find it necessary to do what your marketing campaign targets. Use words, such as “today” or “now” for immediate call-to-action decisions.

Below are 10 SMS advertising samples that will hopefully inspire your marketing campaigns:


  1. Fast Chicken is offering a Buy 3 chicken wing Get 1 Free French fries set until the end of September. Go to Fast Chicken outlet today. Available at all outlets.
  2. Crazy sales at Beauty Boutique this month. Get 50% discounts for selected items starting today. Enjoy further reduction by showing this text.
  3. Color this Sunday by bringing your cute ones to Cheerful Park. Show this SMS to get free entrance today until the end of October. Call us: 100-1234.

Business Information

  1. Earlier & fresher! Lucy’s Juice is serving healthy drinks start from 7 am today. Check out our IG at LucyJuice for various juices and refreshments at cheap prices.
  2. Get your favorite author’s books at your fingertips! Smart Bookstore is now mobile. Check out our web: and get up to 30% OFF.
  3. Never run out of ideas to stay stylish at a cheap price. Subscribe to update your style at


  1. Dear miss Clara.. You have a facial treatment this Saturday at Go Glam Saloon at 11:00 am. Kindly call us 0223 4500 6677 for further information.
  2. Your dental appointment with Dr. Jean Claire is rescheduled for September 30, 2:00 pm. Shine and Healthy Dentist, 666-777-33.
  3. Rich Bank reminds you of your appointment at High Building next Tuesday, 29 September at 9.30 am. Please contact Charles Jackson, the manager, 0265 778899.

Notification and Alerts

Delivery notification for packages

  1. Sarah, your package ZZ-567-3378 has been delivered to Combo Street, No. 35, South Jakarta. From Speed Cargo.

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