SMS service provider always innovates with rapidly-growing business that demands wider exposure. This attributes to a super fluid open market in the internet which requires every business owner setting creative and engaging SMS-based strategies.

Each SMS service provider thereby updates and adds more features for comprehensive SMS marketing campaign. For example, the provider offers notification and triggered alerts hence the clients will reach users at scale at once.

To date, there have been a lot of SMS service providers who create SMS Application Programming Interface/API and chatbots. The features will response the customers right away and allow for two-way conversation. The users will find the features such helpful tool for consultation. They can contact them anytime for various problems, from general SMS marketing tips to technical assistance.

As SMS is a personalized marketing platform, the users will need to make recipients comfortable. This is getting critical as the users will have to ensure their marketing texts hitting the best targets for the long run.

Therefore, some SMS service providers offer advanced opt-out and opt-in. They will help customers feeling convenient in subscribing and stopping it. In the far-term, the feature will create good impression in the customers’ hearts. They will consider the users as reliable and trustworthy enterprises that put their interests in the front line.

Visuals addition for SMS 

As visual is coming into play, digital marketing is no exception from that. As one of the users, you can make use of MMS rich-media supports. MMS allows you sending photos, gifs, videos and many more. With the cool visuals, customers will find your promotion eye-catching and lively.

Most of the times, relying on SMS isn’t enough. You’ll need to utilize other platforms, such as free instant messaging applications, such as WhatsApp and LINE. Social media, such as Facebook Messenger, can serve as pivotal supporting tool. Select one that allows you doing so with a win-win scheme for both parties.

At last, choose the provider that has delivery intelligence ability. The expertise will automatically bring your marketing texts from a number with an area code that’s closest to the receivers. There’s Scaler feature that can spread messages across a group of phone numbers for a greater number of recipients immediately.

The details require in-depth negotiation with possible SMS service providers. Our company, PT Triple One Global, is available for direct consultation. We’re welcoming your necessity for the consultation on best marketing SMS solution.

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