Utilizing SMS online is a method that remains useful and important even as today’s internet advances more than ever. The platform still tops marketing campaign tools by many marketers due to various benefits with supporting statistics.

SMS online has eight-time response rate from email. SMS has 98% open rate and 45% response rate. As much as 90% of SMS messages are opened within 90 seconds. Those data are sufficient enough for luring marketers relying on the numbers for attracting potential customers.

By 2033, the number of mobile phone users will grow to 7.33 billion, up from 4.78 billion in 2020. SMS online can take peculiar advantage with the fact that 66% of the population show signs of nomophobia, the fear of not having phone at all times. The good news about SMS online is that the communication method can reach whichever cell phone users across the globe provided there is telecommunication signals.

Beyond the statistics, using SMS brings advantages, such as it is quick and efficient. You simply need to type messages on mobile phone. You can upload your contacts into a database then easily sort message recipient list or target audience right after you’re online.

With that performance scheme, SMS opens for efficient delivery as you can send SMS bulk to thousands of contacts at once. You can send SMS from wherever you are. With internet connection or access to your email, you can do the job instantly. Furthermore, you can automate and include messages into your business processes and systems.

SMS online can accommodate various business goals. You can use it for product promotion, reminder, purchase confirmation and event invitation. You can also request for marketing statistic to evaluate whether or not your marketing campaign works well.

Given the overall benefits, it will thus save a lot of time and money for working with SMS provider, like our company, PT Triple One Global. Our comprehensive technological tools and wide experiences will be ready to help you formulating most suitable SMS marketing scheme.

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