Application to Person or A2P stems from general function of Short Message Service or SMS that enables short and brief communication for both individual or business purposes. Many marketers use the innovation for more secure communication for customers.

A2P contains specific benefits that make it more suitable for catering your growing business. Among business sectors that mostly use the platform are retail, banking and travel. They use the platform for delivering bank alerts, shipping notifications from online stores, appointment reminders, promotional and loyalty program notifications and two-factor authentication one-time passcodes for account security.

In extension to the benefits of SMS, A2P allows real-time cloud communication for embedding messaging and voice APIs. You simply need to sign up, select which products to use and add funds to your wallet before kicking off the communication via SMS and voice messaging. As such, the platform opens for quick and attractive way of communicating.

As your business improves, you’ll need safer SMS platform. Applying two-factor authentication serves as the good solution. Our company, PT TOG, is among you can trust for providing one-time passcode to secure information wrapped in a text messaging. This passcode application now becomes an industry standard as more are relying on the Internet.

A2P messaging serves as good alternative for replacing Person-to-Person SMS method because of the increasing usage of Over the Top apps, such as WhatsApp and Facebook. It’s understandable the Over the Top apps have reduced the use of Person-to-Person SMS platform. But this doesn’t mean the SMS era vanishes.

As a matter of fact, businesses can still apply A2P messaging as the platform with growing customers using Over the Top services in exchange of SMS for personal communications.

The platform is also important in this Internet-driven communication era. Users can implement A2P for experiencing reliable and quick communication through various alerts and notifications in their devices. Technology advancement accommodates for the typical communication that relates to today’s trend.

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