Before we start with the use of A2P SMS for business. Lets know what is A2P first. A2P SMS is an “Application – to – Person “ messaging. An a2p sms is a program that helps mobile users to get easier notifications about their personal activities, such as banking updates or flights alerts and also includes appointments. So basically its like our own virtual assistants.

Advantages for your Business

A2p messaging gives us quite a lot advantages for us. For example, giving information directly to our phone through sms because SMS open rates are higher and faster than email open rates. In fact, 98% of SMS messages are read versus email at 20%.

Also known as enterprise or business SMS, A2P messaging can be used in different technical modes to interact with consumers, authenticate log-ins and send time-sensitive alerts or text messages and send them one by one to the number of customers. With the A2P system will be easier for businesses to send messages to their customers.

a2p sms

A2p messaging could be use in so many business, because the distinctive qualities of A2P messaging have made it popular across a wide range of industries such as retail, banking, media, telecoms, healthcare and travel .

SMS is not internet-based. This fact alone gives it an edge against over-the-top (OTT) messaging services such as WhatsApp, Skype and Facebook Messenger.

Customers don’t need a data plan to send or receive SMS. Plus , not all regions in the world have good internet connection. In many developing countries, internet penetration is still on the lower side making SMS the preferred medium for communication.

Businesses and SMS marketing services are continually discovering new and innovative ways to use A2P online SMS. Today the technology is being leveraged to send personalised promotional campaigns, bulk SMS, interactive services and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) services.

So the conclusion is A2P SMS is an easy way in helping businesses respond to consumers’ changing communications behaviour. The communication protocol offers businesses a cost-effective and reliable means to reach and engage their target audience in a reliable, fast and secure way.

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