Short Message Service or SMS gives birth to some derivatives, one of them is Application-to-Person or A2P SMS. We dedicate this article to peel how to use A2P messaging for your business marketing campaigns.

Broadly speaking, A2P SMS refers to sending text messages from an application to a mobile user directly. A2P SMS is often called as “enterprise” or “professional” SMS. A2P helps companies to send banking notifications, promo alerts, insurance payment reminders to flight schedules.

A2P messaging mostly benefits firms for they can keep in touch with their subscribers right on targets with relatively high open rates. At the same time, they don’t have to use their private numbers that may bring their credibility down. Most notably, A2P reaches wide audiences at the same time based on the time that’s proper for receiving business-related SMS according to their current locations.

There are four steps in regards to how to use A2P messaging. Technically, you need to access your A2P messaging platform to begin with. After that, you need to utilize an A2P platform for sending SMS or MMS message in bulk or individually. The A2P message is delivered through a mobile network operator that eventually lands at the subscribers’ cell phones.

From the how to use A2P messaging section, it’s understandable that people sometimes call the method as mass texting or automated texting. Despite so, you can rely on privacy for indeed, A2P is used for sending one-time passwords and two-factor authentication.

As such, you don’t need to worry when you need to share your personal numbers. A2P messaging stores all your communications according to your choice for archive method as agreed with an A2P operator.

Some of the operators offer Application Programming Interface or API integrations that benefit you in a way that you can add custom texting capabilities to your existing software or products.

That gives A2P messaging a flexible feature that once again, allows you catching up with your audiences while keeping up with recent trends. 

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