Web SMS gateway enables people for sending and receiving Short Message Service/SMS for various purposes on applications. People usually deploy the method for business-related goals, especially in relation to promotion and marketing.

Web SMS Gateway

Web SMS gateway greatly assists for sending reminders, notifications and confirmations. For business players, the innovation especially plays important roles for broadcast promotion or bulk SMS and information delivery for users and content spreading on products or services.

Typically, there are two ways for setting up SMS gateway. Number one is through additional equipment usage, such as modem and supporting application, like Gammu. The second one is via third party. Utilizing the second method requires consumers or clients paying some amount of money depending on mutual agreement on which scheme that benefits both.

The first method requires us plugging the modem on a PC or laptop for 24 hours or during SMS usage. This resembles our efforts for building a mini server for a special task. The method enables us controlling incoming and upcoming SMS as wished.

On the other hand, working with the third party opens for much easier working method. We simply need to send SMS that programmatically reaches the third party’s server. The machine will then deliver the SMS to subscribers. We need to pay higher fee for the service as compared to regular SMS price.

One solution emerges for bridging the two methods. SMSGateway.me is one of the ways for enabling us delivering and receiving SMS programmatically from application via our Android smartphone.

This web SMS gateway requires us having sufficient phone credit and turning our smartphone on during the process. Below highlights how the web SMS gateway works:

  1.   Application sends SMS programmatically to SMSGateway.me server;
  2.   Server receives the data;
  3.   The application checks SMSGateway.me server for obtaining SMS queue number;
  4.   If the queue persists, the application will send SMS directly through the smartphone.

The similar way works for receiving SMS, which can be elaborated below:

  1.   An application requests to SMSGateway.me server;
  2.   The request is continued to SMSGateway.me application in Android;
  3.   If an SMS comes, the application will convey the SMS to SMSGateway.me server;
  4. SMSGateway server returns replies in form of incoming SMS data.

How to Use the Service?

Register to SMSGateway.me service for getting email, username and password. Install SMSGateway.me application in your Android smartphone that will perform a role as an SMS server. Log into the app by fulfilling our email address and passwords that we previously use during web registration.

The overall login process gives us new information on Device ID. This will later be used for joint authentication along with email and password when sending SMS from the application. The application is free to use at least for now.

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