Android SMS Gateway accommodates for those of you who want to send short message services (SMS) via smartphone. This is especially helpful in light of the widely use of Android in our daily lives.

Android SMS Gateway is another alternative to SMS API which stands for Application Programming Interface. This refers to a well-defined software interface for helping SMS gateway sending short messages.

Utilizing Android SMS Gateway requires you applying the following steps. Firstly, install application in your Android. Make sure you have sufficient phone credit for doing so. Switch on your Android-based smartphone while installing the application. enables you sending and receiving SMS programmatically from the application via your smartphone.

After you install the application, register to service for obtaining emails that contain usernames and passwords. The SMSGateway serves as SMS server. Next, login to the application by using passwords and usernames as we register to the web version of

You will receive new information in forms of Device ID after you log into the Android You will require the Device ID for joint authentication along with emails and passwords when sending SMS from the application.

The benefits of the enable you enjoying the service for free of charge. In addition, you can register more than one device by installing for different Android-based smartphones. undergoes the following procedures for delivering SMS. The application will send SMS programmatically to server. The server will then receive the data. The application will check the server for obtaining SMS queue.

If a queue exists, the application will send SMS from smartphone at once. The same holds true for receiving SMS. The application will request that will resume the instruction to application in Android.

In case SMS comes in, the application will send the SMS to And finally, the server will return replies in form of incoming SMS data.