Email and SMS marketing will boost your digital marketing campaign provided you understand unique qualities from each of them. One of the ways for getting into that is through proper understanding on differences between the two.

We’re thus sharing with you five areas that make email and SMS marketing distinctive on its own. Follow up the article by formulating prioritized necessities and available budget for making use each of them as part of your digital marketing campaign.

Email and SMS Marketing

1. Readability Rate

Short Message Service or SMS is such an effective tool to get people’s attention despite their easily distracted behaviours. The marketing channel has high open rate, at 98%, as compared to 20% of email marketing. Today’s people still want to read what gets into their smartphone.

According to, in average, a person will reply a text message within 90 seconds, compared to 90 minutes for an email. For this first element, SMS marketing is more beneficial than the other method.

2. Deliverability

For this aspect, SMS and email marketing provides you such a contrast result. SMS marketing wins over the email one in a way that SMS marketing targets specific audiences for they have to either opt in or out. With this method, your marketing campaign is more focused which hopefully will result in higher conversion.

On the other hand, email marketing typically reaches wider audiences who may not all read your email marketing unless you craft some specific strategies. It’s possible that your marketing emails will end up at their spam folder. Not only this will disrupt your email marketing campaign, but also this will ruin your company reputation on the long run.

The high percentage of emails being marked as spams shows how much you’ll have to work for ensuring the messages are well-landed at their inboxes. Moreover, on a daily basis, a person may receive abundant emails. This makes it understandable they may skip reading your marketing email even if they receive it at their inboxes.

3. Content making strategy

The third aspect on what differentiates SMS and email marketing focuses more on the content making. This time around, overly reliance on SMS marketing can be tricky. With just 160-character limit, you’ll need to create on-point and concise marketing texts that drive people to take certain actions. You can select SMS marketing providers that offer Call-to-Action link that contains further messages about your marketing campaign.

On the other hand, email marketing allows you for expansive content making. You can include long yet effective persuasive sentences with audio, video or additional links whenever necessary.

4. Budget

Email marketing is more budget-friendly than the other one when sending a marketing campaign message in non-sensitive time. Furthermore, the customization in email marketing can be varied from business to business and send to send. This produces various cost scheme for direct marketing campaign.

Text marketing campaign costs more money according to length of messages sent, number of delivered messages and which providers you work with. Therefore, prepare accurate budget before selecting available providers in your country.

5. Customization

For sure, email is the winner for this element. You can create short, medium to long sentences. You can be creative without having the need to stick on certain character limit. You have more freedom to “persuade” receivers by adding attachments, hyperlinks, images and videos.

SMS marketing also allows you customizing the texts but with the 160-character limit. Thereby, you’ll have to carefully craft messages within that short space.

We’re concluding this article on the differences between SMS and email marketing by reiterating on combining the two for certain marketing tasks based on your marketing purposes and budget. Good luck!

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