Our list of best SMS marketing platform providers in this article especially highlights the importance of the tool for scaling up their business in a such budget-friendly marketing campaign scenario.

In addition, thanks to the best SMS marketing platform producers in the following, Short Message Service/SMS remains powerful and effective option for reaching customers with high open rate. From informing appointment to discount promotion, SMS marketing campaign still works its magic.

So, without further ado, here are our list of best SMS marketing platform for small enterprises last year as taken from zapier.com:

1. TextMagic

Small business owners will find the SMS provider such an easy and powerful tool. After signing up for the provider, you’ll only need to send phone number, type message, click Send and the message will be sent right away.

TextMagic is powerful, too, as it allows you sending messages from TextMagic’s numbers thereby replies go to the API, web app, your email or from your own mobile number so replies go directly to your phone.

Build contact lists by importing an Excel spreadsheet or CSV file. Fill into them your contacts, save the numbers of people who text you previously or use a Click to Text form on your website. The most profound advantage of TextMagic is that it sets affordable price for the clients. 

2. SimpleTexting

SimpleTexting distinguishes its advantage on its ability for facilitating quick marketing campaigns. This is due to the platform’s specialty on direct-to-customer marketing. As customers, you’ll be able to contact your customers directly and conduct marketing campaigns easily.

Simply go to the Campaigns tab, click New Campaign, give it a name and you’re set to launch marketing campaigns for your customers. In addition, you can carry out surveys, polls and sweepstakes thanks for the SimpleTexting’s built-in apps that are available in the Apps tab. After launching the marketing campaign, SimpleTexting will help you with analytics to inform how effective or not the effort.

3. ClickSend

The third in our list of best SMS marketing platform providers has another unique quality. ClickSend will assist the clients for combining text messaging with email marketing, phone marketing, mail or even fax. This especially helps small business owners who want to simplify marketing methods under in a so-called all-in-one way.

Let’s put that working in this way. You can send someone both a text message with a short summary of a special offer and, at the same time, an email with the full details on how they can claim it. Or you can set up an automation so that if someone sends you a text message, you respond with an MMS or email.

ClickSend controls each channel separately. In addition, ClickSend is planning to add WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, among others, for further enabling you reaching customers across various platforms.

4. Heymarket

Another option for small business owners depending on their purposes for selecting one SMS marketing provider. Heymarket has a certain quality that enables the clients for bringing all team members working together, particularly for providing customer supports.

For example, a customer texts your number asking if a certain product is in stock. You get the notification while you’re not at the office. Reply the customer saying that you’ll get a staff member to check, then, in the same chat, leave a private comment and assign the task to whoever’s in the shop by typing @\[theirname] and then explaining what you need them to do. Your staff member will get a notification and can then check the stockroom and get back to the customer.

All of the four best SMS marketing platform providers all offer cheap but good services. So, we recommend you getting to know what are your actual goals and budgets before picking up one that suits your needs best.

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