SMS marketing service has been around since the emergence of cellular phone. The promotional platform remains beneficial amidst rising free chatting applications. It has high open rate and most likely hits the right target.

Some marketers on behalf of their respective companies ask for permissions from would-be subscribers. Other number of marketers attach opt-in and opt-out options every time they convey a marketing SMS.

We discussed much about SMS marketing service in the previous articles. This time around, we’re narrowing it down to one of the targeted receivers, which are professionals on-the go.

The particular audience segment serves as pivotal recipient for your SMS marketing campaign. Their dynamic daily lives suit best with the nature of a marketing SMS that lands directly at their hands through their smartphones.

SMS Marketing Service

This leads to careful examination on best delivery timing. We recommend you conveying a marketing text during business hours. They will likely open the SMS at once. The trait of SMS marketing finds way into professionals’ minds thanks to its brief and attractive content. This what sets SMS marketing service apart from email marketing one. Email marketing service tends to contain long messages that may not meet the nature of the professionals’ working type that wishes for quick information.

Despite typical serious trait attached to professionals, you can always create a fun and persuasive content for your SMS marketing campaign. You can work on the promotional platform for various purposes, such as flash sale notification, latest discount, upcoming concert date to flight schedule reminder.

Furthermore, collect and manage all phone numbers in more than one platform. In addition to manually import the contact numbers, store them on your website. You can optimize the SMS marketing service by automating your SMS marketing.

The extra service allows you sending text message notifications and campaigns automatically. You’ll save time and cut process through the selected service. Utilize the service for delivering appointment reminders, informing event updates or schedules to the attendees and sending coupon code or confirmation.

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