SMS Marketing Example – One marketing strategy or traditional marketing but is still used today is SMS Marketing. Because there are many benefits that you can get from this form of marketing. Here are 5 SMS marketing example that can help promote your product.

1.   Make a Target List of SMS Marketing Recipients

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All marketing campaigns need a target list to be run successfully. Who will accept the campaign and whether they want your product or service?

The SMS marketing strategy can be said to be successful if the message is made appropriately for the right target. If the message you make is incorrect or wrongly targeted, the SMS marketing campaign will be considered spam.

2.  Manage SMS Marketing Together

This SMS marketing cannot be done by just one person. The SMS campaign that you want to do must be discussed together by the specific goals agreed upon together, especially with the marketing department and public relations if your corporation has it.

3. Knowing The SMS Marketing Rules and Conditions

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Doing SMS marketing in Indonesia itself has been also regulated by regulations and policies. The established legal basis consists of two parts, namely for the implementer and for the customer as his rights. You can consult with consulting services from telecommunications institutions in Indonesia so that your company can carry out SMS marketing more safely, not harming your customers and corporates.

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4. Maintain Your Consistency

You must utilize your unique character and market. If you don’t have it, you should create your guide and use it as a basis for your SMS marketing agenda.

When sending messages to customers, of course, you want to send messages that are valuable to be delivered in each SMS, but for months not connected via SMS with your customers will most likely cause customers to stop subscribing or no longer care about your SMS campaign. Try to stay connected with them. The trick is to set an effective routine schedule according to your market. 

5. Request Customer Permission in Advance

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Getting permission before you send an SMS campaign is very important. But this can be compromised as happened to telephone network providers who send automated messages to their customers. Usually, the provider gives a specific code that returns to ask whether the customer is interested or not in the package offered.

5 SMS Marketing Example above you can do to get the most out of your campaign. Doing the right way will make promoting your product can also produce good and effective results.

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