A2P and P2A messaging can work in tandem for boosting your company business profit that centers on the most valuable of all: customers. The techniques both utilize applications that as the article is unfolding, will perform in opposition.

A2P messaging means Application-to-Person which clearly defines it as the messages that run from an application to individuals. The system requires no response from the recipients. The A2P messaging offsets Person-to-Person (P2P) messaging that is outstripped by Over the Top (OTT) messaging apps, such as WhatsApp and Telegram.

Changes in customer behaviors have driven many enterprises to seek ways to get in touch with them. The changing attitudes are due to the growth of social media, e-commerce, and quick digital technology transformation in the business world. The enterprises turn to the A2P technology to facilitate the companies. At the same time, the method allows for operators to gain revenue as it adapts to the changing messaging ecosystem.

Both of the platforms allow for a complete brand-and-customer relationship

Examples of P2A Messaging

In this A2P and P2A messaging post, P2A messaging flows from recipients to applications via their mobile phones. Often called Mobile Originated (MO), P2A messaging is often used for interaction between companies and customers.

For example, the recipients utilize the P2A messaging system for sending SMS about subscriptions, TV voting campaigns, contests, SMS lottery campaigns, and others. Both A2P and P2A messaging serve well for brands and companies to create a qualified customer journey.

The A2P messaging platform enables companies to send product promo or loyal gifts as among the top examples. The P2A messaging accommodates for subscribers to send back their feedbacks or suggestions over various campaigns. Some of them were mentioned in the above paragraph.

To sum it up, A2P and P2A messaging platforms make ways for two-way interactions that involve brands and customers. If your company is on the track to make one, you can contact our company, PT Triple One Global, which partners with Indonesia’s top telco operators. We have premium technical expertise and customer support that has attracted a lot of clients across the globe from diverse business lines.

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