A2P market refers to the Application-to-Person Short Message Service (SMS) market that oversees the platform contribution in the business world. The article is specifically discussing the market in the Asia Pacific region.

Prior to that, it’s worth remembering the general concept of A2P SMS. A2P is also noted as a business or enterprise SMS. The A2P SMS system allows business texts sent from websites to mobile subscribers. Marketers or business players mostly utilize A2P SMS for sending customer transactions, notifications, alerts, promotions, offers, and reminders.

A lot of business players turn to A2P SMS in the wake of changing customer behavior in line with super-rapid smartphone usage. SMS still has a high open-rate percentage despite free chatting apps. A2P SMS enables businessmen to reach out to a bulk number of recipients in a more cost-effective scheme. This leads to lower operating expenses and enhanced brand exposure.

Analysis of the A2P Market in the Region

Infoholic Research once revealed that the A2P market in the Asia Pacific will grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 6.34% from 2016 up to 2022. The research covers countries in the region, such as India, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Japan, Philippines, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and South Korea.

The A2P market improves significantly to boost customer relationship management and get higher income. A2P messaging is mostly used for transactional and promotional services. The transactional service becomes the major driver for the A2P market share in the region. This is due to the increasing demand from Small and Medium Enterprises and large enterprises that wish to adapt the technology to engage their targeted customers in quick and powerful ways.

The region’s developing countries, such as Indonesia, Vietnam, and Malaysia, contribute the biggest portion of the market share. They have a strong internet subscriber base and growth in the mobile market that leads to a large share.

The report further predicts the A2P market will increase in the next few years given the rise in mobile spending and mobile usage. Both individuals and government offices will add their spending on mobile for enlarging their services. Enterprises, too, will depend on the gadget for meeting various goals on their businesses.

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