Implementing business ethics is getting critical for optimizing SMS for marketing. With proper conduct, the strategy will drive your digital marketing enjoying short and long-run benefits.

SMS for marketing comes with a list of do’s and don’ts that when done right, your brand will see increased sale growth. In the long-term, you’ll net loyal customers as they regard your company a reliable one. They will consider your firm as one that puts recipients’ personal interest.

The do’s list

SMS for marketing is hailed as a personalized mean to reach customers. The tool can accommodate your goals for offering coupons, informing new products or services and delivering updates and notifications.

You can also utilize the platform for sending appointment reminders and customer feedbacks. As such, SMS can be carried out for almost all business sectors, from banking to transportation.

Asking for recipients’ permissions tops the do’s list. Always include opt-in and opt-out choices in every marketing text that you send. There are two technical ways for this. You can provide either opt-in keywords to a short code.

Otherwise, customers can check an opt-in box when they are about to check out from your website. In addition, inform them what sort of messages they will receive. Stick to the message type for gaining their trust.

The second tip lies on SMS delivery. Work with SMS provider, such as our company, PT Triple One Global, instead of manually texting customers. The partnership will yield automated SMS marketing campaign.

As companies, this will take lesser amount of time as compared to the manual technique. Using SMS marketing software will ensure your marketing texts hitting the right target at most convenient time. Artificial intelligence that’s embedded within the SMS software enables for customer behavioural analysis. As such, the texts will comply with their latest buying attitude. For example, the texts will be about product update on item they buy before.

The heart of it all is on the content. Create one that’s concise, clear and persuasive. Get time to study effective SMS texts that are proven to improve sales target and keep customers close.

The don’ts list

Deliver marketing texts on business hours, which are different from one country to another one. This is where SMS providers can assist in time-automated SMS delivery. They will deliver marketing texts that comply with recipients’ working hours. Typically, business hours run from 9 am to 5 pm.

Aside from that, sending marketing texts during the time brings high open rate. People most likely have their cell phones during the times. They will likely open your marketing texts during the period. Avoid sending texts in the evening, at night or even during national holidays.

Introduce your brand and use greeting as polite introduction and personalized start before anything else. Avoid using slang and abbreviations while composing your marketing texts. Not every one will understand slangs and abbreviations. Moreover, the two will taint your company’s reputation. Customers will consider your brand not serious.

The last “don’t” tip is conveying marketing SMS at good timing and regular schedules. Don’t send one that’s too frequent. Customers will find this too boring and annoying. Do sell but with protocols.

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