SMS blast marketing carries functions and advantages that spans various sub-goals within the umbrella of business promotion and/or marketing purposes. As widely known, SMS is the abbreviation of Short Message Service, an old-fashioned communication type that remains popular despite growing free chatting apps and social media.

SMS blast marketing refers to the use of the technological innovation for delivering marketing texts to a large number of recipients at once. Within a few seconds, you can convey promotional texts to a wide range of audience regardless their current locations.

SMS blast marketing sits among the list of prioritized digital marketing channels due to the following benefits:

  1. It accommodates for a quick and easy communication. As senders, SMS enables you reaching recipients who live in various areas instantly. With its 160-character feature, SMS requires for effective and attractive messages that encourage recipients taking certain actions, from purchasing items to simply reminding on flight schedule.
  2. SMS is for all type of handheld device. Recipients will receive your texts provided that their areas have telecommunication signals. No need internet connection for making the text delivery work. This what makes SMS marketing campaign can net both young and old recipients who live both in urban to rural areas. Both smartphone and old phone can take the texts, as well.
  3. SMS is personalized and direct. SMS is a good tool for weaving intimate and close relationships with your potential buyers and existing ones. Unlike mass TV ads or brochures, SMS can produce personal promotional messages that may land positive impressions on the recipients’ hearts. Therefore, this highlights the importance of text crafting skill.

The aforementioned benefits relate to the functions that roughly paint overall positioning of SMS in the marketing world.

As marketing can’t exist without customers, SMS acts as the “middleman” between the two. Its presence links the two that further forms a complete trade picture that benefits both.

Another function relates to its contribution on marketing message creativity. Gone is the days when promotional texts contained formal and stiff words with overly direct call-to-action message type. SMS forms fresh and engaging marketing text styles that makes the old platform remains interesting for younger recipients.

The last function relates to marketing analysis. There has been a lot of SMS providers that equip their service offers with marketing analysis and review based on the statistic of each promotional text performance. Every marketer can further utilize the data for evaluation and upcoming marketing strategy.

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