Content Provider Indonesia – Growing number of smartphone users has led to blossoming content provider Indonesia’s sector. Content provider refers to a company that offers contents for mobile application. 

The firm provides various content services, such as data transfer, ringtone download, logo, quiz, polling and others. Mobile phone users can easily enjoy the contents at the palms of their hands anytime of the day after opt into the services. 

Thus far, according to the country’s top media outlet Kontan, more than 150 companies work in the segment. They employ 2,000 workers to produce engaging contents at affordable prices. 

The business will get brighter a look as the country’s Communication and Telecommunication Ministry continues making the content providers enjoying favourable facilities. The Ministry resumes loosening regulations for obtaining permits, giving technical guidelines and carrying their brands to international forums, such as ITU Telecom World. 

content provider indonesia

Non-stop Technology Implementation

Content provider Indonesia needs to implement with latest new technology, much like what smartphone producers apply. They will meet the objective after their business grows well. 

Gunawan Hutagalung, the Ministry’s Sub Directorate for Special Telecommunication and Telecommunication Implementation Liability, said in November 2019 that content provider business belongs to Value Added Services (VAS) category. He said that content provider Indonesia has complied with technology progress and has moved to IP platform from basic services. 

Based on his explanation, the VAS business remains promising provided that it transforms well and receives support from fixed ecosystem or mobile services. The VAS sector has market cap of between 1 and 2 percent from total fixed and mobile service industry total revenue. That translates into around IDR2 trillion every year. 

Content provider Indonesia must create innovative contents in addition to premium ones, such as premium Short Message Services or SMS. Gunawan cited examples of creative or interactive contents that can be accessed via Direct Carrier Billing or DCB. 

The DCB is an online payment method that enables subscribers to purchase contents after they charge bills on their accounts or have their phone credits deducted. 

Managing Content Provider Indonesia Body

To further organize all content providers Indonesia, he suggested they will form a non-profit Managing Content Provider (MCP) body that will bridge interests between telco sector and the content providers. 

He said the MCP will play role as strategic of that in South Korea that sees the body sells the South Korea’s contents to overseas. Thanks to that, the South Korea’s content providers focus more creativity and innovation. 

At last, content providers Indonesia and all of the country’s telecommunication operators must work together to monetize all of the industry resources to win a stage in the sector in its own home.

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