Benefits Digital Signage – What is Digital signage ? it is an electronic display platform that can be used as an advertising medium, branding, and provides various kinds of important information about the company’s products and services through high-quality graphics and videos.

Experts predict that this digital signage advertising media can be an industry worth more than $ 20 billion by 2020 because the display of digital products can provide complete information in the form of announcements, schedules, emergency information, detailed and real-time product descriptions.

Of course, this is an advantage of marketing methods compared to other business people who still use old or conventional methods. Therefore, we summarize the 5 benefits of digital signage technology for your business :

Benefits Digital Signage

1. Increase Consumer Attractiveness and Attention

The digital signage display has a display quality of 400% better than the static display quality. Because of good quality, this can affect the level of interest of consumers who see advertising through digital signage at 83%. So that the marketing method in this way tends to be far more effective than using the commonly used means.

In addition, the level of operational efficiency is also far more up-to-date and services become more effective so consumers will be happy and more respectful of your services.

2. Digital Signage Increases Income

The quality of the text, images, videos, and advertising ideas has a major impact on influencing buyers’ decisions, especially if they are at the point of sale, with a level of influence of 60%. Because at that time they can see the product directly and make a match between your ad and your real product.

About 80% of companies that use digital signage as advertising media even experience sales increases of up to 33%. This shows how big the influence of advertising on sales, especially advertisements that have good quality technology.

3. Affordable costs

The objectives of developing technology include increasing efficiency and reducing the use of goods that can produce more loads such as garbage and things that are not or are not used. So that digital signage also reduces printing costs and reduces space density.

That makes you no longer need to spend a lot of money and provide plenty of space for brochures, billboards and so on. With the help of digital signage technology, you can focus more on developing the concept of marketing ideas and managing your business to be more efficient and bring benefits to both you and the consumers.

4. Easy to Use

Technology does require skills and knowledge, but if you understand it, you will feel the ease. You become easier to set targets and make attractive designs in a short period of time.

One platform that can be utilized, for example, is FWI Content Manager, which enables easy and efficient ad creation, deployment and maintenance.

The presence of digital signage also makes it easy for you to utilize Web Management Content to set parameters, location size, and edit content from any browser.