Business cards work as a proposal to get clients know about your business. Through a business card, clients or prospective clients will have your contact number, allowing them look for more information about your business through the company’s website. Clients will more likely to find out more as a gesture of interest and finally reaching out to you directly or through your social media. It seems that clients have to go through a long way to know about your business and they might lose interest along the way.

Augmented Reality (AR) business card allows client to get as much information at once without having to move from one site to another, and or from one application to another. Your business approach will become easier and even some amazing features can be added which will certainly adds value to your business branding.

1. Product Display

A catalogue in form of product details will appear on your phone screen when you point your camera to the back side of the business card. Another additional information could also be added depending on your needs.

For instance TBM, by using AR business card, pointing your mobile phone camera towards the back side of the card will provide you the product detail from TBM. Other details such as ingredients and the containment in the product could also be shown.

2. Contact Details

Just like paper-made business cards, the main function of the Augmented Reality business card is to contain your contact information, with job title as an add-on and more. With AR business card, everything become very handy. No more manual dialling to make a phone call, hand-typed website searching. All you have to do is to tap on the screen and everything will be shown and you will be directed to the option you chose. Just a tap away to save the contact number.

Likewise with e-mail, just touch the e-mail button, the client will  be directed immediately to the e-mail application on their smartphone, without having to type in the company’s e-mail address.

3. Social Media Link

Instead of opening and closing the social media applications over again, with AR business cards, clients can directly access all corporate social media accounts from the AR business card application. More simple, no hassle, comfortable for the client, and a great opportunity for your company’s branding.

4. Easier to Get Direction With AR Business Card

Again, the convenience and comfort that can be obtained from this AR business card. By tapping on the direction button that appears on your mobile screen, it automatically bring up the Google Maps application to guide you. This is very simple as you don’t have to type those long addresses.  And there you go, follow the map and it will bring your client to your office’s front door.

Besides being able to provide complete information and make it easier for clients, Augmented Reality business cards can also attract more clients with all the technological sophistication it presents, thus becoming the best opportunity for  your business branding.