What does SMS mean for business communication? You probably have the sort of question when you use it for personal chit-chatting. The article will discuss a bit further the role of the oldest communication means for business growth.

SMS is the abbreviation of Short Message Service. It was first created in the 1980s and is one of the first communication tools. It can reach a lot of recipients across the globe because it doesn’t require any internet connection. Along with Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS), SMS is sent over a cellular network. Both only need a wireless plan from cellular carriers to get started.

The unique trait of SMS and how it benefits the marketing world

As the name suggests, SMS limits the content up to 160 characters. If a message surpasses the number, the message will be sent in several deliveries. The short content length provides several benefits for businessmen and marketers.

The businessmen and marketers can combine the trait with the typical affordable cost for SMS. They can lead to various and frequent SMS delivery that depends on the customer’s journey.

For example, the businessmen or the marketers can deliver SMS that’s mostly about welcoming notes and line of product or service for new subscribers. Messages on product discounts and product surveys will match with existing customers. Prepare content on loyalty programs or customer experience awards for customers who have been with your company for many years.

The purposes can be made possible by selecting the Application to Person (A2P) service. This one-way communication simply sends business texts without expecting any replies from the recipients.

The A2P SMS suits all business fields, from retail to hospitality. With the diverse content, the customers will find your firm on standby mode for accompanying their buying journey.

This will create a deeper and more meaningful relationship with the customers. Through simple SMS delivery, your company can net a lot of loyal buyers. What needs to be taken into account is how you will compose the messages.

The messages need to be concise, attractive, and engaging. The last element refers to the abilities of the messages to encourage subscribers to take certain actions. Therefore, what does SMS mean for business communication requires careful planning and creative message composition.

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