Fully understanding the A2P definition will help you differentiate the term with P2P messaging. For telco operators, this will benefit them and their clients.

P2P stands for Person-to-Person messaging while A2P is Application-to-Person. While that sounds easy to differentiate, below we highlight that’s not always the case.

What’s the best technique for A2P definition?

Some prefer to differentiate P2P and A2P definitions through the intention. One might say P2P messaging is for personal communication. On the other hand, A2P messaging is for selling or promoting products or services. However, arriving at this idea can mislead.

Not all A2P SMS even in bulk volume is about a marketing campaign. For example, a hospital utilizes the A2P platform for reminding doctor appointments. The same goes for e-commerce that sends one-time passwords.

The truth is the A2P method can perform various tasks for improving customer relationship management. Clients can use the platform for introducing their brands to maintaining loyal buyers.

Another case is if you receive an SMS on a dinner date, you’ll consider that as a P2P message. But what about if you receive an SMS on the new hamburger store opening? Will that mean an A2P message?

The explanation shows intention shouldn’t work as the standalone factor to determine which one is P2P and which one isn’t. At last, a technical tool works more relevant to solve the matter.

This refers to the origin of the message itself. A2P messages refer to messages that are not delivered from a valid mobile device with a valid SIM card. This excludes Call Me messages only. The P2P messages, on the other hand, are sent from a valid mobile device with a valid SIM card. These P2P messages are based on specific traffic limits and recipients.

In this regard, if messages are delivered via a mobile device then it sends more than 50 messages, they fall under the A2P text category. Therefore, A2P messages usually cover a large number of recipients. And this platform is mostly used by enterprises across various business lines for supporting their marketing campaigns.

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