Best SMS Copy –  Short Message Service (SMS) is a very fast, when you want to send short messages to other people. Because someone will read directly when receiving an SMS. Therefore, the use of SMS to promote a product to others is considered to be an excellent strategy in terms of marketing. But did you know, sending an SMS to customers has its way so that the SMS you send is quality and attracts interest from your customers? Here are tips for writing the best SMS copy and making a success of your campaign.

1. The SMS Promotion Program Must be Clear

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You must convey the message your customers will get from this promotional SMS program must be written in full in the Broadcast SMS message that you send.

If this is not done your customer will consider the promotional SMS they received is spam. Or the worst possibility is, your brand could be considered sending misleading promotions because of unclear messages or conditions.

2. Pay attention to The Frequency of Sending Your SMS

Promotions using SMS Broadcast even though it does not require too much investment, but if done too often, will make your customers feel ‘misused’. No one wants to receive promotional SMS every day from the same brand. Within 1 month a brand should only send 2-4 promotional SMS to customers, if more than that, then some customers will feel disturbed because they receive promotional SMS that you send.

If not done: customers will feel disturbed if the frequency of sending your Promotional SMS is too frequent. In the end, customers may report your brand to the telecommunications regulator which adversely affects your brand image.

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3. Enter the CTA (Call to Action) in Your SMS Text

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With you insert a CTA in the SMS that you will send, it will make your customers interested in the product campaigns that you offer. Not only that, the opportunity to make your customers interested is greater to ‘immediately’ buy your product.

If not done: SMS that you send will only be just plain information that does not cause an interesting reaction from your customers. This will result in your SMS being read-only and your customer does not purchase the product you offer.

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4. Use 160 Characters in The SMS You Want to Send

This is something you need to pay attention to. When you want to write a promotional SMS product, you must pay attention to the number of characters in your promotional SMS. If the text you write exceeds the maximum SMS limit of 160 characters, the ‘SMS’ you send will become 2 parts.

5. Enter The Link in Your Promotional SMS

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The number of characters in the SMS is indeed limited, so you must have another way, namely by entering a link on your promotional SMS. That has other advantages and can lead customers to see details about your product such as on your website or social media.

If not done: When you send too many SMS using characters and exceeding the specified limit. Then the SMS that you send does not provide complete information to the customer. Therefore the link on your promotional SMS is very important to provide far more complete information.

Writing the best SMS copy can not be done arbitrarily. Therefore the importance of doing the tips above so that your promotional SMS becomes better and attracts a lot of your customers.

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