Session Initiation Protocol or SIP trunking simplifies the telecommunication method that results in lower monthly expenses. Benefits of SIP trunking go further than that. From money matter to infrastructure, we elaborate five benefits of the technology as follow:

1. Predictable Telco Cost

SIP trunking is recommended for those of you who require frequent long-distance and international calls. With analog or conventional call system, you will typically be charged with high phone bills for long-distance and international calls. SIP trunking offers predictable telco costs.

The provider allows each of the customers accessing on monthly bill statement. The customers can learn about the pricing method of telecommunication via technology. As a result, they can calculate monthly telco costs on their own.

2. Lower Expense

The first point brings a positive impact to the overall expense of your enterprises or organizations. Sometimes, you will have to set aside a wide unexpected cost range of telecommunication with traditional communication mean.

The scheme produces a scenario that will likely create a high cost for overall expenditure within that month alone. SIP trunking, however, helps you trimming the cost range. The technology enables you predicting telco cost in a month, lowering overall telecom expense as compared to that of conventional communication methods.

3. Unnecessary Pricey Telco Hardware

Other benefits of SIP trunking particularly relate to those of you who plan to set up a business or organization. Back then, you might think high investment in telecommunication was undeniable. The traditional communication system requires a complex infrastructure. You will have to wait for communication providers to establish new phone lines. The process will take days or even weeks.

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With the SIP trunking, you will simply need to connect handsets with the data connection. The technology allows remote workers to remain connected with their colleagues at offices. You’ll only need to provide five-digit extensions and internal phone numbers for them. Consult with your provider upon the scenario. You may need to adjust the monthly telco service with the plan.

4. All-in-One Communication Method

SIP trunking doesn’t work for making or receiving calls only. The technology accommodates diverse communication means. Bring together all of your workers or organization members to discuss ongoing projects or near-term plans through video conferencing via the technology. Instant messaging, fiber-optic Internet connection, collaboration apps, and cloud-based tools are available for your choices. Surely, the fourth of our five benefits of SIP trunking simplifies how we communicate.

5. Safe and Flexible

A traditional telephone is prone to weather disruption. During natural disasters, for instance, traditional telephone gets hugely affected. We find most residents are unable to use their home phones or public phone services when storms hit their areas.

SIP trunking comes up with reliable technology. The innovation provides mobile-failover that switches to your mobile phones in case weather disruption occurs. The technology can route calls to your mobile phones.

The scheme is made possible thanks to user-friendly Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephones. SIP and VoIP help mobile workers remain connected with their offices or colleagues even when the Internet gets disturbed. 

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