SMS Gateway is a platform that provides a mechanism aimed at delivering and receiving SMS from mobile devices that use certain keywords through the SMSC (Short Message Service Center). SMS Gateway application is usually used in business applications, both for broadcast promotions, service information to users, the distribution of product/service content and others. Because it is much easier to implement SMS Gateway using a mobile phone. You can also develop an SMS Gateway with a variety of web-based platforms. Here is an open-source web-based SMS Gateway that you can try.

1. PlaySMS

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PlaySMS is a software for free and open-source SMS management. Which is a web-based mobile portal system that is flexible and made for various services such as SMS gateways, mass SMS providers, private messaging systems, corporate and group communication tools. PlaySMS has been growing ever since it was introduced in 2003 and has very complete features making it an appropriate alternative to building an SMS Gateway system.

2. Gammu and Wammu

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Wammu and Gammu are two programs used to manage data on cell phones such as managing contacts, calendars and messages / SMS. If Gammu is a computer command-based computer software (command line), then Wammu is an extension of Gammu which is used to manage mobile data by using a graphics-based display (Graphic User Interface / GUI).

Gammu is a library for generating SMS Gateways. Because it is open-source and supports many types of modems, Gammu is very popular in developing SMS Gateway based systems/applications. Web developers can easily create a simple SMS Gateway application system using only PHP scripts and MySQL databases, with the help of Gammu. Gammu documentation is very complete and easy to follow for beginners. Wammu is a GUI version of Gammu.

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3. Kannel

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Kannel is an open-source application that functions as a WAP Gateway and SMS Gateway for GSM networks. Built-in C language and can be connected with SMSC, handphone, and GSM / GPRS Modem. Kannel uses the HTTP / HTTPS interface to send and receive SMS.

4. Kalkun

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Kalkun is a web-based open source SMS Gateway that is different from Gammu, in Kalkun users don’t need to do coding. SMS Gateway parameter settings, which include modem type, port number, and so on can be done through the GUI that has been provided. The installation of Kalkun is very similar to how to install a CMS (Content Management System) based web application.

That is an open-source SMS Gateway based on the web to develop your SMS Gateway application. Of the 4 open-source SMS Gateways, each has its advantages. Of course, you can choose your own open-source SMS gateway according to your needs.

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